Premiere / Photoshop Elements on Super-Sale from Amazon

Premiere / Photoshop Elements on Super-Sale from Amazon

This Amazon Premiere and Photoshop Elements Combo deal gives you Adobe's Prosumer tandem for image manipulation and video editing for $88.88, a $60 dollar plus savings.Both are streamlined but very cable edition of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, and are available for both Mac and PC.

Photoshop Elements will help you do cut-outs, transparent backgrounds, image cleanup and various image treatments and special effects. The Elements version of Premiere has a wide range of transitions, effects and templates, plus a number of other features for quick, professional-looking video editing.

This is an incredible price, and probably the last time this bargain will be offered until Black Friday. An image manipulation program is absolutely essential for video editing, and the Premiere family has been a partner to the video editing industry since the 90's.

They're easy to learn, quite capable, and fun to explore. You will get the results you need, even if you're early in your editing career. It's a perfect path to the full fledged versions when you run out of tricks and want to increase your editing prowress!

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