How to Setup the MOVO SmartCine Complete Universal Smartphone Video Kit

How to Setup the MOVO SmartCine Complete Universal Smartphone Video KitThe Video Capability of Smartphones continues to improve to the point of being on par and even better than many mid and upper class point and shoot cameras and camcorders. But phones are relatively small, and don't have mounting equipment, external microphones, adjustable lighting, and a universal mount to add grips or stabilizers. That's where a company called Movo comes into play. They specialize in accessories for the phone videographer and also users of action cams and DSLR and mirrorless cameras as well. We'll look at one of their offerings, the MOVO SmartCine Complete Universal Smartphone Video Kit.

Supplies Needed

MOVO SmartCine Complete Universal Smartphone Video Kit

Optional Additional Accessories and Products

Movo Also offers a wide range of products for DSLRs and SmartPhones:

Camera Sliders
Dual Handle Grips
Tripod Heads
Holsters and accessories

Step by Step Instructions

The MOVO SmartCine Complete Universal Smartphone Video Kit consists of a handle that screws on to a mount that your smartphone slides into. The mount adds new features to your smartphone, including a powered stereo microphone, powered LED ring light, and attachable lenses. A single cable runs between the mic and your phone and you are ready to start shooting.

The entire setup is pretty simple and it features an internal rechargeable battery that powers both the light and the microphone. The handle features a rubberized grip to keep you from losing your grip, as well as a wrist strip (just in case you still manage to try to throw it at the ground somehow).

The LED ring-light is powerful enough to have a noticeable effect when shooting a subject at night and at close range. It features switches on the side to turn the light on and off and switch between low, medium or high intensity.

The lenses (wide angle and a fisheye) screws into the area camera is peaking through.

Since it depends on threading to the SmartCine itself and not your phone, you don’t have to worry about gluing or sticking anything to the phone itself (ie, like the metal washers that some lens solutions come with to attach directly to the back of a phone or case with).

The microphone is powered omnidirectional stereo mic and turns on via a switch on the side of the mic. You have the option of running it flat or with low-pass to get rid of some of the lows, and you also have the option of giving a 10dB boost (in case you feel your audio is a bit light in any given situation).

You can monitor the microphone using a pair of headphones. This way you know exactly what it is going to sound like in the record as you are shooting.

The unit is rechargeable and the manufacturer claims 20 hours of battery life-- basically only the mic and light are being powered.

There isn't much to the set-up-- the design is excellent for provided stability and functionality. There is a more advanced version of this unit which adds a small zoom lens, and wireless mic and receiver for interview and stand-up narration use.

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