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Insta360 One R Twin Edition 4K and 360° Video in One!

One R Camera

Insta360 is shipping the ultimate winter sports action cam, the twin-lens version of the new One R. This is the camera we’ve previously written about that has interchangeable lenses, allowing for real 360° video as well as 4k within the same camera. It also has an invisible selfie stick, which somehow disappears from your footage of yourself!

INSTA360 GO Wear Anywhere Mini-4K — The 20 GRAM STEADICAM (Special Offer)

Insta360 has released an incredible new product– the Insta360 GO micro action cam. This is an incredibly small uniquely shaped wearable that attached to virtually anything– surfaces, clothing, selfie sticks, cars, walls– and in addition to taking 4K video and hi-res photos, it adds what they call “FLOWSTATE” stabilization– essentially a built in steadicam function that is silky smooth. It does 4K footage, slo-mo, hyperlapse, timed photo sequences, and even has a built in AI auto-edit function called “FlashCut”

DJI OSMO Action Cam Digital Camera with 2 Displays 4K HDR 12MP 145° Angle Black

DJI, makers of great drones, stabilization systems, and combo stabilizers / action cams, has come up with a real competitor to the GoPro 7 series: the DJI OSMO Action Cam Digital Camera with 2 Displays, 4K, HDR, with everything DJI knows about stabilization built in. Add slo-mo, timelapse, HDR, custom settings storage and more, and you have the king of actioncams!