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MAGIX Offers 30 Day Free Trials on VEGAS VIDEO, AUDIO and MAGIX Branded Software!

Magix makes many Video, Audio and Photo editing products, for all price ranges. This includes the Vegas Professional Editing Suite and the Vegas Studio line of value added prosumer software. The fact that a loaded product like this can be tried out for free for 30 days shows you how much faith they have in their products. Vegas is very easy to learn, but is layers deep in complexibility and capability when you need it. And look at the Add-ons! Boris included?! SpectraLayers included!? DVD Architect included?!! I suggest you go for it and give this Bad Daddy a try! (Windows only)

The Importance of Music to Your Video (Part 2 of 2)

Music Library for Video

In this part, we’ll actually break down a typical family “tribute” and look at the kinds of music we might use for each part of the project. Let’s look at a typical life story. What kind of music is appropriate? In this case, the subject is an 80 year old celebrating a milestone birthday.

Behringer 48V Phantom Power Audio Interface for XLR Microphones to Recorder or Computer

The Behringer BEHRINGER Audio Interface, 1x XLR/TRS 1x 1/4″ 2X RCA USB, Black, 1-Channel (UM2), is a highly flexible tool. It supports one XLR input, two phono inputs (for instruments), and outputs to both USB and RCA jacks. This means with the right adapters you can output to just about any device, unlike most phantom power supplies. Highly recommended!

Gift Yourself A New Cardioid Condenser Vocal Microphone for Improved Video Results

Audio is half the equation in video production, and great audio adds credibility, understandability, and power to your video productions. A good production environment (no background noise, good acoustics, helps too. But without starting with a strong voiceover, you’re hurting the impact your video will have. A good microphone gives you ahead start towards success. Here I offer 5 choices I personally use.