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Behringer 48V Phantom Power Audio Interface for XLR Microphones to Recorder or Computer

The Behringer BEHRINGER Audio Interface, 1x XLR/TRS 1x 1/4″ 2X RCA USB, Black, 1-Channel (UM2), is a highly flexible tool. It supports one XLR input, two phono inputs (for instruments), and outputs to both USB and RCA jacks. This means with the right adapters you can output to just about any device, unlike most phantom power supplies. Highly recommended!

Convert Your Old Records for Use in Your Videos

Not every song is available on CD, and many “all you can eat” streaming music services don’t let you use their downloads in a video editing program because of Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection. But your old vinyl records (33, 45, 78) have no such protections; if you can get them into the computer, you can technically use them in editing (this is not necessarily legal, and this is not a legal opinion).