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Advanced Photo Scanning for Picture Heavy Videos

Many videos these days are picture heavy. Tribute videos are an example of this. To tell the story of someone’s life, you need pictures, and the older the person , the more arcane the media. Slides, negatives, prints, even photos from books like yearbooks and scrapbooks are all fair game to fill out the video with meaningful moments. The same is true for corporate videos, where pictures can fill in the historical blanks that more current video or film can’t provide.

Why Home Working Is A Great Opportunity For Creatives

Outside of a resurgence in community spirit, the biggest silver lining is the mass move to working from home (currently necessary due to stay-at-home recommendations). There’s a solid chance that many people will remain working from home after office life resumes — particularly those working in creative roles.

Canon XC-15 4K Professional Camcorder is a Cut Above!


The XC15 is marketed as a possible B camera for C300 and the C100 as well. The cool thing about this camera is that it shoots 4k.

The first thing you notice taking this camera out the box is how heavy it is. On online reviews and videos it looks like it’s actually pretty light but it has a little heft to it, definitely reminiscent of a C100. The camera is really robust and the grip is really similar to the C100 and C300. The grip is adjustable so you can twist it and tilt it to whatever suits your fancy and it goes all the way straight left and right and when you push it up and down vertically it clicks into place .

The Importance of Music to Your Video (Part 2 of 2)

Music Library for Video

In this part, we’ll actually break down a typical family “tribute” and look at the kinds of music we might use for each part of the project. Let’s look at a typical life story. What kind of music is appropriate? In this case, the subject is an 80 year old celebrating a milestone birthday.

Christmas Gifts Written by… Me!

brien lee books

Looking for nice stocking stuffers for the videophile? Know someone wanting to get into video as a hobby or as a biz owner? I have two solutions for you!

I’ve written two books directed at the potential pro or semi-pro.

How to Setup the MOVO SmartCine Complete Universal Smartphone Video Kit

The MOVO SmartCine Complete Universal Smartphone Video Kit is a clever handle grip that includes a microphone, ring light, level, 1/4″ standard screw holes for accessories, two add-on lenses and a built-in battery good for up to 20 hours– enough to outlast your smartphone. It provides stability, functionality, and improves the quality of your shoot, pure and simple. Highly recommended.

Setting Up an External Microphone on the Panasonic Camcorder

Rode Wireless GO Compact Microphone System

Using an external microphone is one of the basics of good interviewing or on-camera narration technique. Here, we show you how to set up wireless mic. There are choices you can make in the menu that help you set your levels to fit your recording situation. In this case we will look at setting up an external microphone on a Panasonic camcorder.