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Gift Yourself A New Cardioid Condenser Vocal Microphone for Improved Video Results

Audio is half the equation in video production, and great audio adds credibility, understandability, and power to your video productions. A good production environment (no background noise, good acoustics, helps too. But without starting with a strong voiceover, you’re hurting the impact your video will have. A good microphone gives you ahead start towards success. Here I offer 5 choices I personally use.

Setting Up an External Microphone on the Panasonic Camcorder

Rode Wireless GO Compact Microphone System

Using an external microphone is one of the basics of good interviewing or on-camera narration technique. Here, we show you how to set up wireless mic. There are choices you can make in the menu that help you set your levels to fit your recording situation. In this case we will look at setting up an external microphone on a Panasonic camcorder.