Christmas Gifts Written by… Me!

Looking for nice stocking stuffers for the videophile? Know someone wanting to get into video as a hobby or as a biz owner? I have two solutions for you! I’ve written two books directed at the potential pro or semi-pro.

The VideoBiz Book by Brien Lee

The first is The VideoBiz: A Practical Guide for Video Startups.

In this book,  In this book I share everything I learned about running a creative video business, from getting business, writing and creating videos, growing a business, and the care and feeding of clients and co-workers. I share the way I survived 40 years in the business and the founding and operating of three separate companies. He shares his methods and techniques that led he and his compadres to major success, and confessed his failures (and the lessons learned) as well. The book includes samples of scripts, proposals, timelines, and actual videos. He offers links to additional helpful resources, equipment, and free video library sources.

How to Create Tribute Videos Book by Brien Lee

The second book, How to Create Tribute Videos: Making Legacy Video Stories for Home or Work, is especially directed to the home video producer who wants to create “tribute” videos, legacy videos that commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, engagements, weddings, and memorials. This is especially close to my heart, as it is the way I got into slide shows and then video. There is a special emphasis on creative techniques, technical approaches to turning old photos and films into compelling video.

The books actually compliment one another, since one features the very basics of video creativity, and the other emphasises turning that creativity into a career or business.

So I hope you’ll give these links a click and consider them as holiday gifts for yourself, family and friends!

VideoBiz: A Practical Guide for Video Startups

How to Create Tribute Videos: Making Legacy Video Stories for Home or Work

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