How Renting Video Gear Can Add Big Bucks to Your Bottom Line

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Here’s how renting video production gear can actually add big bucks to your bottom line, whether you’re just starting out or already have gear under your roof.

Pay Less Taxes, Increase Your Cash Flow

The secret is in the part we producers often don’t pay enough attention to: Accounting! When you buy equipment, you write it off slowly– it’s called depreciation on your tax form. This happens over a number of years– usually five. When you RENT equipment, you “expense” it rather than depreciate it, so you are deducting the cost of the rental right away– in the same month (and year) that the expense occurs in. This saves big money on your taxes. And with less dough out, you have more cash to keep your business floating.

Meet Your New Gear BEFORE You Buy It

Now, that can be very appealing, especially if your quite profitable. This is the same reason that some companies would rather lease than buy. But there’s another reason to rent. You simply can’t own one of everything you need if you want to use all the latest toys, new technologies, and have access to the equipment that will keep you competitive in the marketplace. DJI? Oculus? Osmo? Projectors, drones, gimbals, VR, action cams? E.G., the new DJI Osmo Actioncam with the two built in Monitors? How’s $38 / week for you shoot to both impress your client AND get outstanding footage?!

Meet Crisp Rentals

Crisp Rentals is in the business of renting only the newest and best gear that you might want to buy, but can’t justify a purchase– yet. Click the image above to learn more. It will let you get a feel for the equipment, help your image, and improve your bottom line!

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