How to Choose a Music Library for Video Soundtracks

How do You Choose a Production Music Library for use in your video productions? Production Music Libraries are collection of music you pay for, either by subscription, or by the cut, to help build your soundtrack for your video edit.

The Importance of the Soundtrack

Don’t underestimate music and sound. They separate powerful producers from their everyday competitors. What made Star Wars more than just a sophisticated version of Flash Gordon? The music. What makes CNN the most trusted name in news? James Earl Jones, who does their network ID voiceovers. Try watching any chapter of The Fast and the Furious with the sound off. Boring. Music, sound effects, natural sound, quality voiceover interpretations and total project pacing are all the province of the soundtrack. It starts with good and varied music selections.

Repetition will Lose Your Audience

Lousy and repetitive audio will drive your audience to distraction and you will have gained nothing. You can’t deliver on your promise of the final result.

I’m always looking for competitive ways to improve my websites, so I see a lot of internet marketing sales videos. Some are pure sales pitches, other demos of the wordpress plug-in or get-rich-quick method they’re selling. Most of them become turn-off for me because not matter what the length they never change the piece of music they’re using.

That might be okay if the music had interesting lead lines and choruses that change up the selection to make it more interesting to the subconscious

But, NOOO! What they select is a piece (often, a “beat”) that repeats ad nauseum and just fades at the end.

Finding a Good Music Library for Video Soundtracks

There are hundreds of production music libraries out there. Some are subscription (“all you can eat”) and some requiring paying by the cut. Some feature the work of a small group of composers; others aggregate music from a wide range of sources. As always, computer-driven music production has grown the market offerings. Here’s my criteria for finding a good reliable library you can afford.

  1. The music library should offer on-screen sampling of the music.
  2. The library should offer downloadable samples (to try on your timeline).
  3. The music offered should have beginnings middles, and definitive ends. This means, no heavy repetition, and no fade out at the end. I always suggest using more than one piece during a longer video, and having definitive ends allows for pace changes. Paces changes (varying the meter and attitude of the selections) keep up interest in your audience, and definitive endings tell them to prepare for new information or a new section.
  4. The library should have a generous selection, searchable by type of music, type of use, meter, emotion, and length.
  5. The music should be competitively priced.
  6. The library should be constantly adding new music.

I’ve used dozens of libraries, but some of these were premium libraries charging by the cut and by the use, appropriate in major budget video productions if you could afford to pay $70-$200 per singe cut. But in searching for libraries that met the above criteria, I found one that satisfies the needs of producers who want quality but also stick to today’s budgets. It is called TUNEPOCKET.

TunePocket Satisfies My Requirements

TunePocket features a select by wide enough range of composers. Their music has various lengths, and always offers a complete ending. It offers wide range of styles, from dance beats to symphonics, in a wide range of emotions. Literally thousands. It offers loops and sound effects as well. And it has a generous “all you can eat” subscription program.… at $99 / year! I spent a long time listening to their music, and I’ve subscribed to other all-you-can eat libraries. But often, these go for bulk, not beauty. TunePocket is discriminating in it’s music choices, and adds new selections every week. Definitely worth a look.

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